New Android Games You Need to Play in June 2016

Welcome to our monthly edition of the best new Android games of June 2016. We have the incredible new MOBA, a sniper game that’s one of the best this year and a zombie-themed first-person shooter which is very original.

Okay, enough talking, let’s have a look at the best games of June this year. We’re sure there’s something you will enjoy.

Call of Champions

Call of Champions is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) for Android, and it’s free to play. In this game, you play as a hero in one of two teams that are made up of three players. Each of the heroes has their own unique skills, and you will employ these abilities so that you could take down the enemy base in short strategic battles. You will be rewarded for both quick thinking and co-operative play.

Call of Champions has borrowed heavily from League of Legends both in its mechanics and its art, and it does this very successfully, although it’s not as nuanced as League of Legends. Call of Champions is a first-class MOBA and by far the best on Android. In order to be competitive, MOBA games need to rely on balance, and the fact that the developer, Spacetime Games, was able to achieve this is no small feat. Not to mention that it is a free-to-play mobile title. Keep in mind also that you need to have a fairly powerful device if you want to play Call of Champions.

Endless Sniper

Unlike many other Android games, Endless Sniper is a fairly small-scale game. However, it has been delivered really well. Endless Sniper’s level keeps going until you fail, which is the same as in endless runners, but it’s based on your sniping skills. That’s what gets put to test here, not running or jumping.

Each of the Endless Sniper levels provide you with different on-screen enemies whose goal is to kill you. In order to progress, you need to kill them first. It seems like a very simple idea, and it is, but it’s a real blast to play. It has delightful pixel graphics, with procedurally generated graphics. No two locations are the same, and a number of on-screen enemies make for a frantic gameplay – it’s thought to be one of the most tense Android games out there.

While Endless Sniper may not be perfect, it really is a terrific game.

Dead Effect 2

While this may not be a very original Android title (the name is combination of two existing games’ names, Dead Space and Mass Effect), you can play this first person shooter for free. Dead Effect 2 takes place on a zombie-infested space station where you will be killing mutants and solving some light puzzles, which are necessary for you to survive.

The major strength of Dead Effect 2 is its incredible graphics. In this game the boundaries of the graphics are really pushed. The default movement controls are a little “soft,” but you can customize them the way you want. What it lacks in the depth of the game play, it makes up for in its polished look and feel. If you are looking for something that has the feel of a console, this is it.