Pokemon GO Is More Popular Than Twitter and Tinder

Do you play Pokemon GO? It seems that people are more likely to be playing the augmented reality based app than swiping one way or another on Tinder.

Created by the developer Niantic, based in San Francisco, the app has more downloads than causal dating application Tinder. In the United States, Pokemon GO is now installed on the phones of 5.16% of Android users, while Tinder − on only about 2-3%.

In addition, Pokemon GO is nearing Twitter for active daily users, and the app hasn’t even launched worldwide yet.
Pokemon GO Is More Popular Than Twitter and Tinder

However, it needs to be noted that these are only figures for Android users. There are no official numbers yet on the stats for Apple iOS downloads, but it’s likely those figures are comparable to Android.

More impressive than download counts and active daily users is the longevity of the app. In the first three days after launch, most apps lose 77% of their active daily users. But this is not the case for Pokemon GO.

How many rare Pokemon have you caught? Share your stories in the comments and learn how to play Pokemon GO anywhere in the world.