The First Phone of Your Child, What Should You Know?

Children with the desire to imitate their parents and adults in general always want a mobile device. But it is not a good idea to allow a child to have a phone for their use and enjoyment if they do not have enough maturity to take responsibility for it and to understand what it means to have a phone today. But do not worry, today we want to talk about some things you should know about it.

There is research that shows how virtually all children are allowed to keep their phone in the bedroom overnight, something that they can use to respond to messages late at night, harming their proper sleep. As per the research, only 11% of parents suspect their teens have never used the phone with sexual content, while 41% of teens admit they have done so.

According to another research, children begin to watch porn before age of 10, and this in many cases is due to the ease with which they access such content i.e. through electronic devices and the internet.

We see children engaged in the use of mobile phones, and this is quite alarming since it is natural to socialize with such a gadget in hand.

The importance of self-discipline

The importance of self-discipline

It takes a good amount of self-discipline to handle the responsibility of using a mobile phone. Most children are not prepared to do that before high school. In fact, the prefrontal cortex of children will not be fully developed until they are about 20 years – before this, children and adolescents do not have good control of their impulses.

In this sense, children and adolescents can have too many temptations to use the social networks and can easily get caught in inappropriate activities like sexting, addictive gaming etc. This affirms that a child or adolescent cannot use a mobile phone constantly and without supervision. It’s the same as giving a child an addictive substance and leave him alone – the danger is assured.

The responsibility

The responsibility

It is natural to worry when your child will have their first phone, even if you think they are responsible enough. It is also true that the phone is a connecting device that allows you to be more connected to your child when you’re not together or when they are out with friends. But it is also a symbol of separation, a reminder that your child is putting emotional distance from you. What’s worse, it is a herald of the dangers lurking in the outside world:

· Poor focus

· Shrinking attention span

· Text messages sent secretly to others at late hours

· Inappropriate behaviors such as sending naked photos

· Receiving or sending sex texts

· Cyberbullying

Monitor your child’s phone with FamilyTime

Monitor your child’s phone with FamilyTime

If, despite all this, you think your child has enough capacity to use a mobile, then feel free to take into account the monitoring process so they make good use of the device. You can take assistance from digital parental monitoring tools such as FamilyTime that lets you take a peek at how your kids use their device. Using the FamilyTime app, you can easily figure out:

· Who their contacts are

· Whom do they call or communicate with (calls and text messages)

· What do they see on the internet

· What is in their favorites or bookmarks

· What apps do they use

· How long they use their apps

· What places they visit

· What are their visit times etc.

Once you monitor all their activities, the app gives you a chance to take control. For example, you can:

· Watch suspicious contacts so you get notified every time the contact is made, either through calls or via SMS

· Geo-fence places they visit more frequently, so you receive check in and check out alerts on their entry and exit

· Blacklist unwanted applications

· Schedule screen locks for specific durations such as during their homework time, sleep hours, or meals

· Remotely lock their phone to restrict access

There are many other valuable features provided by the app that help parents make their kids device secure for them. You can easily monitor their activities remotely with the help FamilyTime. Get it from Google Play or iTunes for free.

Assure control before you hand over the phone to your kid. You don’t give them just the mobile device, but an access to a strangers’ world!