4 Reasons Why You Should Switch from iPhone to Android Phone Right Now

 There have been numerous new phones released into the market recently. That includes the HTC M9, iPhone 6 and 6S, Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, LG G4, and more. Every release has its own debate – so how do you tell which is the best?

Some users are die-hard Apple fans and others are die-hard Android, there really isn’t a right or wrong answer when you choose a new phone as it really all comes down to your personal preference and making sure that make the choice that’s right for you. If you have been thinking about moving from the iPhone to an Android model here are some reasons why that’s a good idea.

4 Reasons Why You Should Switch from iPhone to Android Phone Right Now

Reason #1. Android’s main advantage is variety

When it comes to Android phones, you have tons of choices, especially compared to what Apple offers. iPhone is the only phone that uses iOS, yet with Android you have all kinds of makes and models to choose from. Handsets galore. HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola, and more all use the Android OS, which means a much larger variety of phones to choose from. With Apple iPhone you are limited to precise specs, whereas when you choose Android you widen the field to give you more spec choices for your new phone.

Reason #2. There are a lot of widgets

If you own an iPhone, you are familiar with how frustrating it is to scroll through all of your apps every time you are looking for a certain one. Android phones tend to display widgets on the first few homepages as a shortcut to certain apps making it much easier for you. Widgets can be a simple shortcut to your favorite app, or it can be interactive widgets like an event countdown or music player.

Reason #3. Customization is everything

Apple users gravitate towards Android phones because of the wide range of customization options Android offers. With iPhone there is not much you can do tp customize it to your preference and taste; however with Android phones, you can customize many ways. You can get different themes, make your home screen look different to the factory default, customize colors, and it is easy to download ringtones and message alerts and then customize those sounds. iPhones are locked to the first network they are used on, whereas Android phones tend to come unlocked.

Reason #4. Memory is expandable

Apple users must live with the fact that iPhone lacks expandable memory available on. Even though Apple users have iCloud to back up their photos and documents, but online storage isn’t the same as being able to keep them on your phone on a removable memory card. The newer models of iPhone begin with 16GB, whereas the older models where as low as 8GB. The newest 126GB iPhone 6 and 6S released in 2015 go up in price as the memory space increases. Android phones you do not have this problem – just purchase a Micro SD card and your phone has more space.