3 of the Best Android Widgets You Should Use

No longer do widgets get the attention they once did. It wasn’t all that many years ago when widgets where considered an essential feature setting Android apart from the competition. However, since then the competition has become smarter and they too have added widgets. That just shows that widgets remain popular and used by many, remaining a key part of a phone’s home screen.

Below are 3 of the best Android widgets for you to have a look at.

1. Weather

There is no question that 1Weather is one of the top weather apps available for Android. It is free without any in-app purchases. It includes widgets so that you can re-configure your home screen showing just the weather or a combination clock-and-weather widget. The app is designed very well and also supports Android Wear, DashClock and Daydream.

We didn’t find anything we disliked with 1Weather with the exception of there being a few minor bugs.

1Weather offers many excellent weather and clock widget options linking to a relatively capable and well-designed app. Overall, we think that 1Weather is an excellent option if you are looking for a simple weather/clock combo.

2. Beautiful Widgets

Beautiful Widgets isn’t new to the world of apps. In fact, it has been available for quite some time. It was developed and brought to market when users were looking to find a substitute for the illustrious HTC Sense camera widget. It was well received and still remains very popular today.

Over the years the price has actually gone down, not up, something you don’t see very often, and it still remains a very good option for anyone looking for this kind of widget. The cost is very reasonable at US $2.75.

There’s a good reason for this app remaining popular for so long. With the many styles and myriad of sizes that it offers, it can accommodate almost any user. There are quite literally hundreds of themes that you can choose from to match your home screen’s décor. It includes widgets like weather, clock, battery, toggles, and much more. Beautiful Widgets is the first paid app in the Google Play store to reach 1 million downloads.

On the negative side, we found that when you are surfing the themes, it can be a bit of a pain because there are so many of them. It can also be slow or even unresponsive if you are running an older Android or one of the lower-end Androids. You’ll also notice there are a few bugs in this app that include problems reporting on weather and issues with location.

However, overall this remains a highly recommended app, providing you with an enormous theme selection and numerous widget styles. Beautiful Widgets is the perfect choice if you know you need something but haven’t actually narrowed down what that might look like.

3. Battery Widget Reborn

While not free, retailing at US $1.99 in the Google Play store, it isn’t expensive, and there is good value for your money. Last year, this time, Battery Widget Reborn was still a beta app and since then it has become one of the apps you simply must have if you need a battery widget.

Battery Widget Reborn can be customized in numerous ways and provides you with a wide range of shapes and colors. This means you can make it work with just about any theme and, at the very fair price of US $1.99, you get the pro version. If you want, you can always try the free version first before you make your decision.

Battery Widget Reborn is a very informative app that will provide you with just about any battery stat you might be looking for. Battery Widget Reborn includes some other benefits like a torch function, Dash Clock support and much more.

Our only disappointment was that there are a few bugs in this app like issues with updating, and if you have a slow internet, you might find downloading it from the Google Play store quite a challenge.


When you have a chance, you really should take some time to explore these three widgets and discover how they can be of benefit to you. While widgets may not be as in-demand as they once were, they still serve a valuable purpose with your Android device.