Google’s Radical New Android Launcher Is a Big Surprise

For months, there have been rumors around the Google developing an elite new Android launcher for the Nexus handset that’s about to come to market. This week, this new redesigned interface was leaked online, showing a new way to interact with Android.

Uncovered by Android Police, the “Nexus Launcher” means the design of the Android will be going in a different direction from the traditional approach with this latest interface using a set of concepts and principles that Google has not previously explored.

What does it look like?

You will find a frosted glass background at the dock at the bottom of the home screen. There is no longer an old icon that opens the app drawer, because it has been replaced by a small upwards-pointing arrow. Now when you want to open the drawer you will either tap the icon or you can slide the frosted glass up. Close it by simply swiping downwards.

The home screen used to house the Google Search widget and it too has been removed, replaced with a permanent calendar widget that you can’t reposition or replace. It will give you an instant look at any of your upcoming alerts and reminders the minute you unlock your phone, which is far more useful than the old search bar.

The launcher is going to be accompanied by the redesigned navigation home keys, back and recent apps. Independently leaked images show the home button has a colorful flower design and it will be a shortcut to open Google Assistant, which you can access anywhere in the OS with a long press.

Which phones will have it?

Over the past couple of weeks, several sources have indicated this launcher is going to be a special experience that will be unique to the latest Google Nexus phones, which are going to be released next month. The company is known to be big on differentiating their handsets and evolve Nexus into its own in-house.

It is reportedly going to use this “Nexus Launcher” for this HTC-built Nexus phones build for the Android purists, that combine high-end hardware with a nice clean and finished interface that you can’t get anywhere else.

Nexus Launcher will be heavily promoting some of Google’s innovative new services, especially Now on Tap and Assistant. Now that Google has permanently removed the search bar widget, Google is able to force its users to use the new proactive ways of looking up information, with the service doing the majority of the work for you.