Best Android RPGs 2016

The RPG genre continues to grow in popularity over the years perhaps because it offers so much diversity. There are all kinds of fun and challenging RPGs on the market in many subgenres, such as fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, or puzzle, allowing RPGs to appeal to a wide variety of players.

1. Final Fantasy VI

The Final Fantasy series is probably one of the most iconic RPG series of all time, just like Knights of the Old Republic. It set the standard for nearly all JRPGs that followed it. It was first released in 1994 and has hung in the spotlight nicely. The port is decent, but the controls are weak, and it tends to feel awkward when you are moving around. To play the game you must have internet connection.

If you are a regular gamer, you are likely aware of the fine reputation of Final Fantasy. You’ve probably heard plenty of praises being touted for FF VI. It’s definitely one of the best entry points for anyone who is not familiar with the Final Fantasy series, because it provides a fairly easy difficulty level, a terrific story, and likeable characters. The game eases you in nice and slow.

Final Fantasy VI takes place in a steampunk-like setting, which is nice and refreshing in a genre where most games happen on a spaceship or in a kingdom. It also has an excellent soundtrack. The one drawback is price. Square Enix’s ports to mobile are very expensive, which might make you hesitant to try them. Don’t worry, though, you really do get your money’s worth.

2. Knights of Pen and Paper

Pen-and-paper RPGs have been around longer than any other form of the genre. Some of you might remember Warhammer, Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, etc. As this kind of “geek culture” makes its way into mainstream, these once board games are becoming very popular on electronic devices, and that includes this mobile app. Knights of Pen and Paper is packed full of all kinds of humor and silliness to take the edge off your play.

You can play as a player or as a game master, and you will proceed through the game just like you would with a traditional pen-and-paper version. When it comes to gameplay, the battle is turn-based, just like it is with tabletop games. Most strategies rely on various items, different gear, and your stats. It’s a simple game that incorporates many elements. This means that Knights of Pen and Paper offers you an incredible amount of replay value, a real bargain at $4.99. If you love tabletop RPGs, you’ll love it.

3. Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition

Speaking of old-school RPGs, we just had to include Baldur’s Gate on this list, if only because of what it means to so many fans of the role-playing genre. Originally released in 1998, this game is an absolute classic, its writing and the overall fun still hold up today.

Like Knights of Pen and Paper, the majority of Baldur’s Gate gameplay involves Dungeon and Dragons-like mechanics, and can seem a little complicated at first. However, the stellar writing in this game is better than in most AAA RPG titles available today. This game is fun, deep, and responsible for many of the clich├ęs and archetypes we see in current fantasy RPGs.

4. Choice of Robots

Most of the games we have discussed are pretty standard RPG games. This one, on the other hand, is a text-based game, so there are no graphics, and minimal gameplay. You read a part of a story, and then you make choices. Choice of Robots is a game you are going to really enjoy, and it’s the best in the genre.

In Choice of Robots, your role is that of an engineering student who creates a robot. Your choices will determine how the robot you invent will change the world. What’s your goal? Create a do-good robot? Or an evil one to take over the world? Do you want to sell your robot design and become a billionaire? Do you want to create a robot spouse? It’s entirely up to you. This game also has tons of content. There are no quests, nor is there any turn-based conquering, but Choice of Robots remains one of the most fun and compelling games around.

5. Evoland

If you know nothing about a person’s interests, this is an excellent game to find out. This game has just about everything you would like to have in a RPG: fun graphics that aren’t too childish, an easy-to-play game that new players can digest but comprehensive enough for pro players to still enjoy, fun writing.