Are Cabin Tents better than Dome Tents?

If you plan on going on a hiking trip or camping, you are probably considering buying a tent. You have probably noticed that two of the most popular tent styles are cabin tents and dome tents. Choosing between the two seems like a difficult task; however, most instant cabin tent reviews have agreed that this tent has many advantages compared to a dome tent. They would state that cabin tents are much better than dome tents. Here’s why.

They Are Better for Family Trips

Cabin tents are typically much larger than dome tents, and they provide more space. This is especially useful if you are planning a family trip or camping with a large group of friends. Dome tents are built to not provide as much indoor space. Cabin tents are made to be spacious, and more room is always a good thing.

They Can Be Built from Various Materials

Cabin tents come in various sorts of materials, depending on your needs and requirements. They are commonly made of nylon or polyester, however, you can even find canvas tents which are great for long-term camping! Canvas tents are amongst the most durable ones on the market, and dome tents usually aren’t as long-lasting.

They Are Safer

Dome tents are lightweight, which seems like an advantage at first glance. What you may not know is that this also makes them less reliable. Strong, canvas cabin tents are great if you are mountain climbing, or if you are planning to stay in it for a while. They can last through most weathers, and they can’t be broken as easily as dome tents.

You Can Stand Straight in Them

Most tents are short and require people to walk hunched over while inside. However, many cabin tents are built large enough for people to stand straight, without worrying they will hit their heads on the ceiling. This is a huge relief for most taller campers, who hate dome tents for its short roof. 

You Can Have More Privacy

Unlike dome tents, cabin tents can provide room partitions. This will provide privacy, as you will be able to add different rooms inside one space. Not only that, but this allows you to stay more organized. Each room can be for a different task so that you can create a bedroom, a living room, even a small kitchen!

Looking at all of these features, you could definitely conclude that, yes, cabin tents are better than dome tents. For more authoritative information on camping check out this awesome camping blog that we frequently use to read up on the latest tent reviews.