How to Use a Blender for Smoothies

Using a smoothie blender seems pretty straightforward. However, once you buy one, you may notice that the process is complicated at first, as modern blenders have many features. Simultaneously, suppose you don’t know how to use a blender properly. In that case, it may malfunction, and no one wants to spend additional money on repairs. Here are some tips that may help you make the best smoothies using a blender.

Add Ingredients in the Right Order

If you want your blender to have a longer life, you must add ingredients in the right order. The unwritten rule is to start by adding the lightest ingredients and then end with the heaviest ones. In other words, the liquid goes first. Later, you can add fresh fruit, and frozen fruit and ice cubes go last. This will ensure the blender can mix everything nicely.

Use the Pulse Feature

It is always recommended to find the best blenders to buy online, as these have the pulse feature. This feature is often ignored, but it can prevent air bubbles from getting stuck in your blender. 

Cut Food First

Don’t put the entire fruit into the blender. This can cause food to get stuck, and it can even break your blender as this will prevent blades from cutting through everything. If you are making an apple smoothie, make sure the apples are cut into quarters or halves. 

Don’t Forget the Blender’s Tamper!

No matter how good or expensive blender you are using, sometimes the blades can become stuck, causing the blender to stop working correctly. If this happens, you should use the blender’s tamper to make everything work once again. A tamper of a blender is located at the upper part of the blender. It is used to move the ingredients, even if the blender’s motor is still working. This will help you put the blender back in motion.

Let the Blender Clean Itself

Did you know that there is no need for you to set the blender apart to clean it? Most people will put their hands inside the blender’s jar to scrub it; however, this isn’t the right way to do this. In fact, you can even hurt your finger on the blades! We learned some tips from the article about blenders on this top Thailand product review website. Instead of risking injuries, pour a few drops of your regular dishwashing soap in the jar. Fill the blender with warm water and turn it on. This will clean the blender thoroughly. 

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